Bathroom surface-mounted spotlights IP44

Bathroom surface-mounted spotlights IP44

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Surface-mounted spotlight IP44 may be placed in the bathroom in zones 2 and 3, they are protected against splashing water. (More information about the zone layout and the IP values can be found here).

What is the difference between a regular spot and an IP44 spot.

The difference is in the sealing or water tightness of the fixture. With a regular spotlight, the electrical parts are not protected from water. If used in the bathroom, moisture can get into it. And if water gets to the electricity cables and to the fitting and the light source, this can cause closure or if the luminaire is not grounded, power can be placed on the fixture! This is of course not desirable and that is why there are IP44 surface-mounted spotlight for the bathroom.

These waterproof spotlights are completely sealed against penetrating moisture. The ceiling tray is closed and often closed with a rubber. The spot head in which the light source is located must also be closed with a sealing ring, so that no moisture can reach the light source. If there are visible power cable, they must therefore be in a protection, so that moisture cannot be added. In the photos below you can see some examples of what it should be like.


foto spots!

Often the IP value is stated when describing a lighting fixture. So pay close attention to this if you are going to order lighting for the bathroom. It is also important to choose a quality product, because in the bathroom there is a lot of moisture, fixtures can rust or oxidize. It is important that the fixtures are well coated.

‘What color bathroom spotlight is best for my bathroom?’ Is a frequently asked question.

The spotlight is available in different colors and if you have many chrome accents in the bathroom it is nice to do the lighting in the chrome too. See what fits well with the rest of the bathroom decor and adjust the color of the lighting accordingly.

Bathroom spotlights IP44 with multiple spotlights.

Surface-mounted spotlight comes in different designs. The number of light points per spot is also different. You can use a 1-light spot to illuminate part of the bathroom. If you only have one connection point in the ceiling in the bathroom and you want to illuminate several places in the bathroom, it is useful to use a two or three light bathroom surface-mounted spotlight IP44. It allows you to illuminate different places in the bathroom.

If you have more connection points in the ceiling, you could place several one or two lights. Count the places you want to illuminate such as above the sink and the mirror (make sure there is enough light here) towards the shower area etc.

Are bathroom surface mounted spotlights dimmable?

If you have a spot with a GU10 lamp fitting, you can buy dimmable GU10 lamps with it. These come in different brands and in different versions. The dimmability with a fixture with GU10 connection therefore depends on the lamps you want to use. Bathroom fixtures with built-in LED are dimmable if stated. Nowadays these fixtures are easy to dim.

If you have any further questions, please let us know and don't forget to check out our extensive collection of bathroom fixtures.

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